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Oddar Kristiansen

Officer in the Norwegian Army. Writing about C4IS; 'Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Information Systems'

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About this site.

This site is made to share my research done with regards to my undergraduate dissertation at the Norwegian Military Academy(NMA). My dissertation is about “C4IS in the Norwegian Army” and the subject is so broad that there are many things that has to be omitted from my dissertation. These things are however quite interesting and deserves further elaboration.

For that reason I have made this site as a place to share my dissertation when it is complete, and elaborate on the things that had to be omitted from it. It is to be reviewed by July 2016.

I got some of the inspiration for my dissertation when doing a short essay in a subject at the NMA “Military technology”. This was an assignment to test personal knowledge within certain areas of the subject, and basing it on personal experience where possible was recommended.

A link for the essay as it was written and admitted back then: Javelin and NorBMS